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The following terms and conditions for purchasing and applying frozen BALOU STAR frozen semen are valid for the regions of Great Britain and Ireland, only. All breeders inseminating their mares with BALOU STAR semen accept the following terms and conditions as applicable to all existing and future business relationships.

In Great Britain and in Ireland we are exclusively offering the following favourable semen ordering and insemination options. Both options executed only by online web-ordering via :

  1. Direct purchasing of a (1) single Balou Star insemination doses of (6) high quality straws at a price of  EUR 1.200.- including VAT plus applicable shipping cost. Semen collected, frozen, and shipped by Stallion AI Services, Whitchurch, No further guarantees apply, but we will be discretionally generous in selected cases of a swabbed/clean mare inseminated by specialized AI-vet not getting in foal and breeder may have to repeat same covering.
  2. Full mare insemination service including Life Foal Guarantee Service at semen price of EUR 1.500.- including VAT plus additional vet and stabling cost via Twemlows Stud Farm, Whitchurch,

Ordering process for both option no.1 and option no.2

  • Please place your order in a timely manner by filling and sending the ordering form on the internet ( by stating
    • Name and full address of the mare’s owner, the contract partner
    • Exact shipping address and contact data of your inseminating vet clinic
    • Mare’s details (name, UELN, copy of pedigree). The semen supplied may only be used to inseminate the mare specified in the order.
    • Breeding association membership number, so we can register the mare’s insemination
    • Estimated date for your mare to be covered at Twemlows.
  • Directly upon online order placement you will be receiving an order confirmation along with an invoice. Please balance invoice immediately via money transfer to corresponding bank address.
  • Directly upon receipt of payment we will confirm and authorize either Stallion AI for semen shipment, or Twemlows for covering your mare at their facilities.
  • Upon prove of successful insemination, we will issue a (one) covering certificate for your mare.

Application of Frozen semen
The frozen semen may only be used for conventional artificial insemination or for embryo-transfer. The use of the semen for ICSI or other advanced breeding techniques is only permitted upon prior agreement.

Frozen semen will be invoiced per each mare covered, or per each embryo flashed.  The purchase of individual straws is not an option.

In case of non-use, the semen must be returned back to us. The semen must not be passed on to third parties or be used on other mares.

Embryo transfer
If the breeder chooses embryo transfer, this must be declared before the first order. Please remember that embryo transfers are subject to payment of the full stud fee in respect of every embryo flushed-out. A discount will be granted if several embryos are flushed out.
The embryo flushing must obligatorily be documented. The presentation of the flushing log (list of all flushings, even when no embryo is collected, and the details of the receiving mares) must be sent to us before the 1th of October.

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