Stud Terms

2024 Stud Terms in GBR and IRL

The following terms and conditions for purchasing and applying frozen and chilled BALOU STAR semen are valid for the regions of Great Britain and Ireland, only. All breeders inseminating their mares with BALOU STAR semen accept the following terms and conditions as applicable to all existing and future business relationships.

In Great Britain and in Ireland we are offering the following insemination options.

Stud Fee 1
400 EUR booking fee (non-refundable) prior to insemination, and
1000 EUR success fee (in foal fee) upon successful 30th day scan, incl. VAT outside Switzerland, within Switzerland plus 7.8% VAT.

A professional insemination veterinarian only, such as with Twemlows, StallionAI, BWEquinevets, or other qualified vets must execute those inseminations by either frozen straws or chilled semen. Please fill in the “ONLINE insemination booking form” in the appendix and send return it to us, or book it directly with our local contract veterinarians in the same way.


As BALOU STAR will be competing in the international show jumping arena this spring, inseminations shall be carried out by means of frozen straws only, executed by professional insemination vets. Please fill in the attached “Insemination Booking Form” and return it to us.

In the event of the pregnant mare reabsorbing before 31st October 2024, another free covering (semen only) in the following year is assured.

Insemination booking

Please select one of the two stud fee variants via the interactive “ONLINE booking form” on this website and send it back to us by “mouse click”.

  • You will then immediately receive a booking confirmation with a request to pay the booking fee.
  • Immediately upon receipt of the booking fee, the semen will be released for dispatch, or direct insemination by our contract veterinarians.
  • The transportation cost for the semen to the specialist veterinarian will be invoiced separately to the breeder. No extra transportation cost apply when inseminating at Twemlows.

Availability of semen

Since the stallion BALOU STAR is currently competing in the international show jumping arena, delivery shortages in the supply of chilled semen may occur. In such cases, we ask you to switch to frozen semen.
Any liability for transport damage to our shipments is excluded, complaints must be reported on the following day, and otherwise the transport will be invoiced.

We deliver frozen and chilled semen exclusively to qualified insemination veterinarians, who commit themselves towards us to comply with the valid EU directives. All shipments include EU-compliant enclosed documents (TRACES).
Frozen semen is dispatched via the EU insemination station StallionAI, GB-Whitchurch & IRL-Cork.

Insemination requirements

Inseminations should only be carried out after a prior follicle control by a specialist veterinarian experienced in dealing with ai. It must be assured that the mare is swabbed and cleaned. Exceptions are 3-year-old maiden mares and foal mares. The result of the swab sample from the first insemination has to be presented in advance for the release of semen for any subsequent re-inseminations.

Use of frozen and chilled semen

The stud fee with frozen and chilled semen is charged per mare and includes up to two (2) re-inseminations. After that, a new booking is necessary. Our contract veterinarians use a semen dose per mare that is adapted to the high quality of the semen, normally 2 to 4 straws.

The straws remains our property. In case of non-use, the straws must be returned to us. The semen must not be passed on to third parties or used by mares not intended for this purpose. All empty straws must also be returned to us. The purchase of individual straws is not an option.

If the mare owner or his veterinarian makes an unauthorized use with the frozen or chilled semen, this will be punished with a fine of € 2.500,– in addition to the still open positions without exception.
The contractual use of the TG semen must be confirmed to us in writing by the inseminator’s signature. This proof and the empty straws must be sent to us by 1.10.2024 at the latest.

Important note

The semen must only be used for conventional artificial insemination or embryo transfer. The use of semen for ICSI or other advanced reproductive techniques is only permitted after prior agreement.

Embryo transfer

If embryo transfer is chosen, this must be announced with the reservation. Please note that for embryo transfers the full stud fee must be paid for each embryo that has collected and grown. In the case of several successful collectings, a discount is a matter of course. The embryo flushing must be documented. The protocols (list of all flushings, even if no embryo was obtained and the details of the recipient mares) must be submitted to us by 1 October 2024.


The respective booking fee is due for payment before or at the latest upon delivery of the mare. The success fee is only due if the mare is pregnant on the 30th day of successful scanning.

The delivery of the covering certificate will only take place after 1.10.2024, if the covering fee invoice has been settled in full.