Balou Star’s two grandfathers BALOUBET DU ROUET and QUICK STAR are two of the world’s most desired sires of our time. Both are sons of GALOUBET A, whose sire is the “Century Stallion” ALME Z!

In addition, Quick Star’s dam STELLA offers 3 times those extraordinary genes of the fabulous Arab thoroughbred stallion and exceptional performance sire DENOUSTE. His genes have been the absolute benchmark in European equestrian racing for decades. Furthermore, the dam line in the 3rd generation goes back to DOMINO, which represents the successful Hanoverian Schockemoehle show jumping blood.

Sire: BALOU DU ROUET is a world-class sire who, in 2016, ranked 7th in the WBFSH world ranking with a total of 51 licensed sons. His father Baloubet du Rouet was an exceptional athlete and under Rodrigo Pessoa triple World Cup winner and individual Olympic champion. Twice (by father and by mother) the unforgettable Almé Z son Galoubet A appears in the pedigree of Balou Star. The star sire Almé Z by IBRAHIM has influenced virtually all European warmblood breeds. Descendants of Almé Z can be found at most international show jumping events and Olympic medal ranks. The dam line goes back to Domino in the 3rd generation, which represents the successful Hanoverian Schockemöhle show jumping blood.

Dam: QUENADA derives, as the 2013 CHIO Aachen and the 2016 Olympic Champion BIG STAR, from the unforgotten Quick Star. He was nominated by Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum as the most important horse of her career, having helped her to international fame. Quote: “He was a phenomenon, an incredibly impressive stallion. He had springs under his hooves”.  Quick Star returns via Galoubet A to world sire Almé Z. The Hanoverian stallion Domino, who is also known for his “hardness”, occurs again in the dam line.

The unique characteristics  in the genetics of this amazing stallion are thus the firm anchoring of the ALME Z – success genes both on the father, as well as on the mother side, as well as the appearance of the three (3) world-class stallions BALOUBET DU ROUET, QUICK STAR and DENOUSTE in a single BALOU STAR  insemination dose.